Welcome to my test e-commerce Shopify store! I primarily built this to use for future projects as well as showcase to prospective clients.

This is not your traditional Shopify theme. This is a Shopify Storefront built with the JAMStack. My tools of choice were Gatsby.js, Netlify and of course, Shopify's Storefront API.


  • gatsby-source-shopify Gatsby Plugin.
  • Crisp Chat app integration
  •  Gatsby.js
  • Styled Components (css-in-js)
  • Search (Elasticlunr-search)


  • Layout
  • Product Grid
  • Product Form
  • Navigation
  • Cart
  • CollectionsAll
  • ToggleContent
  • Footer
  • Seo

Instruction Manual:

I. Installation

The Gatsby portion of the installation is documented within the Github Repository. Below are steps you will need to take before starting the Gatsby app.

Within Shopify's admin, go to Apps > Manage Private apps. Create new private app.

Within the private app settings, you need to click the box that says 

'Allow this app to access your storefront data using the Storefront API'. Take note of the Storefront access token, you will need it later on.

Once you've created your private app, make sure you have products created and you'll be on your way to setting up your shop!